WAY4 Switch & Omni-Channel Banking

Gartner, the world leader in IT research and consulting, gave OpenWay the highest possible rating (‘strong positive’) in 2009.

Business overview

Key Components

Centralised channel management: web and mobile banking, ATMs, kiosks, IVR
Universal platform to integrate bank product systems, service providers’ and other systems
Single customer product and payment profile on all channels
Online customer base segmentation
Targeted advertising, sales and cross-sales
Single authentication and risk management centre
WAY4 solutions operate at 130 banks, processing and telecommunication companies worldwide. Built on an open platform and fully scalable, the solution is suitable for compact systems with 500 merchants and 1000 ATMs right up to high-end platforms processing over 500,000 merchants, 40,000 ATMs, and 15 million mobile clients.

Key Features

My cards and accounts
Consolidation of all client products
Current accounts
Credit and debit cards
Pension accounts, and others
Aggregating information on products and accounts
Product and account management
Payments and transfers
My payments and transfers
Personal payment templates
Payments and transfers using personal templates
Payments and transfers schedule (creating and managing payment orders)
Common payment templates on all channels
Payments to arbitrary payees
Payment history
Viewing and paying invoices
Insurance companies
State authorities
Public utilities
Payment aggregators
Other service providers
Additional services
Buying and selling
Mutual fund shares
Mobile and Internet services
Membership fees
Charity donations
Air and rail tickets
Entertainment tickets
Single integration platform
Insurance companies
Mobile operators
Internet and other service providers
Various funds
My services
Managing personal limits
Personal email box
Enrolment for mobile and web banking
Enrolment for email statements
Enrolment for SMS notifications
Activating/deactivating notifications
Changing the phone number to which notifications are sent
Changing the email address to which statements are sent
Personal data
Consolidation of all client data
Maintenance of additional client data
Demographic data
Scoring parameters
Any additional data
Unified access to personal data
Customer base segmentation
Flexible segmentation rules
Average income and expenses over a cycle
Product and account portfolio
Debts, overdue payments
Used for
Focused marketing campaigns
Dynamic creation of client menu on service channels
Focused marketing
Personalised contextual advertising via interactive channels
Targeted message delivery
Automated surveys
Personalised contextual messages
Targeted sales and cross-sales
Instant activation of offers
Online opening of accounts and enrolment for services via ATM, kiosk, mobile and Internet
Submitting applications, and monitoring their status
Personal interface
Single client interaction scheme
Flexible client interaction rules
Dynamic generation of client interface based on
Client segment
Channel opportunities and limitations
Operations allowed for the selected product
Limitations on client access to products and services
Availability of products for the selected operation
Attracting new clients
Personal space and targeted advertising for channel users without cards/accounts
Online application for products and services aimed at new clients
Cardless operations (payment by cash)
Channel management
Unified service rules and scenarios
Channel opportunities and limitations
Allowed operations for the selected product
Allowed products for the selected operation
Client segment (group profile)
Individual client profile
Group and individual limits
Authorisation method for the selected operation
Risk management
Single authorisation centre
Risk management on the level of individual client, client segment, product, service, channel


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