WAY4 Behaviour Loyalty

WAY4 Loyalty. Color Your Services With the WAY4 solution, loyalty programmes become a combination of art, science and technology.
Gartner, the world leader in IT research and consulting, gave OpenWay the highest possible rating (‘strong positive’) in 2009.


WAY4 Behaviour Loyalty allows banks and retailers to increase customer retention and profitability. It analyses the behaviour of both cardholders and merchants to ensure truly targeted and effective loyalty programmes.
Built on the WAY4 payment processing framework, the solution enables you to design and manage diverse loyalty programmes on both magnetic stripe and EMV smart cards. You can issue and acquire co-branded cards; combine credit, debit and commercial products with integrated loyalty functionality; create loyalty clubs; launch promo campaigns. All the loyalty rules reside on the WAY4 host and can be changed at any time. The changes instantly take effect across all of your products and channels.

Clients use online delivery channels to enroll in and manage loyalty programmes, accumulate and redeem bonus points, request and receive information. Comprehensive rules allow clients to turn their points into preferred rewards. For example, the system can offer a loyal client a discount on bank services, or a better tariff or limit. Clients can use points for payments, exchange them for gifts, use them to make full or partial payment, and benefit from fixed or cumulative discounts.
The solution is based on the online and offline analysis of a client’s personal and transaction data. It includes transaction type, amount, date and time; merchant type; delivery channel; product type, as well as the total purchase amount; number of purchases per period; average purchase amount; average open-to-buy; and money flow.
All-in-one: credit card and bonus accounts

Design Your Own Loyalty Campaigns

Discount and bonus programmes
Gift and pre-paid cards
Co-branded debit and credit cards (EMV and magnetic)
Loyalty clubs and “miles” programmes

Loyalty Engine

Verifies loyalty programme participation rules
Analyses customer behaviour
Assigns/accumulates bonuses and discounts based on flexible business rules
Converts points into various customer rewards
Provides flexible loyalty points accounting and reporting
Interfaces with legacy payment processing system
Delivers customer behaviour data to banks and merchants
Provides loyalty programme participants with reports and statements on transaction activity, earnings and rewards
Permits points expiration and other adjustments

Activate Loyalty Programmes

Automatic cardholder enrolment
Self-enrolment through multiple delivery channels

Analyse Customer Behaviour Online

Amount of purchase, card turnover, average amount
Date and time of transaction, “happy hour”
Card product, payment history, frequency of card use
Transaction location, delivery channel, merchant details
Other customer, product, service and transaction information

Reward Your Loyal Cardholders

Purchases and payments with partial redemption
Discounts on purchases and services, cumulative discounts
Credit bonus to customer deposit or credit account
Extra services with discounts
Upgrade to better terms and conditions
Lotteries, gifts

Reward Your Loyal Merchants

Reward merchant staff
Upgrade to better terms and conditions

Customer Services

Information and enrolment in loyalty programmes
Inquiries on bonus points balance
Reports and statements on transaction activity, earnings and redemptions
Pro-active customer SMS and e-mail notifications

Delivery Channels

POS, ATM, self-service kiosk
Internet, mobile phone, e-mail


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WAY4 Behaviour Loyalty
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